The New Normal

09 Oct

We are infinite in our variety,

diversity, such utility,

we are not simply machines,

to be plugged in and switched on,

with facets, like diamonds, we need to belong,

pressures from sources, not known long ago,

have challenged our mind set, cracks start to show,

as one who has sat on that cliff far away,

I say, it is ok, not to be ok.

Darkness surrounds us,

it buffets our life,

silence and loneliness

can cut like a knife,

this is the new normal, don’t let others say

they never feel stress in their working day,

for others its family, a source of malaise,

death and pain stalk us, in all sorts of ways,

we sulk or go quiet, appearing up tight,

I say, it’s alright, not to be alright.

Friends can be assets, their skills can provide

a lifeline when suffering deeply inside,

don’t fear help when offered

don’t avoid reaching out,

the successful, the bold and the brave

have all been wracked with self-doubt,

there’s counselling, helplines or perhaps mediation,

an issue in mind does not mean medication,

look out for assistance, don’t ignore the signs,

I tell you now, it’s fine, not being fine.

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